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AkrA new member
AkrA new member

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PostSubject: SUGGESTION ABOUT DONATIONS   Tue May 29, 2007 7:15 pm

Admin i have a suggestion on how to boost the donations,.

hmm what if you make an raffle wherein the price is the player who will win will become a [GM].,

in one month or so.,(its ur desicion on how long ehehe)
players who want to be [GM] will have to donate to you and at the end of the month(or the deadline that you will give us) the donator who had donated or sent the highest price money will win and will become a [GM]

i know there are already GM's in our game but to think of the possibility of receiving more donations there's no harm in adding another GM., besides i think we dont have a GM in phx skul eheh., or if the winner is from other skul its ok., ^_^ there is no loss in this event but rather profit to help you to that Direct Internet you are talking about.,

hmm this is for the good of all of us., lag will be lessen or removed., and many players can play., and we wont be using hamatchi anymore., and you will gain profit., ^_^

more power
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